HALO: all animals blessed at Blessfest receive a halo. These halos are distinct to the Blessfest Blessing of Animals and our signature. Over the years they have become one of the most unique and endearing aspects of our special celebration.  

HARMONY: harmony pervades Blessfest. In the history of the Blessing of Animals there has never been a recorded problem with any of the animals. Blessfest carries on that tradition. It seems the animals understand and are on their best behaviour. It's quite a sight.

HAPPY HEARTS: we are proud of the ambience created at this memorable event.  
The day is filled with happy animals, happy people and happy hearts. 
The End of Another Perfect BLESSFEST
BLESSFEST would like to thank all of those who made this year's event such a success. 
Thank you Father Sheppard and Father Dan for your dedication and love of animals. 
Thank you to the tireless volunteers who helped make things run smoothly. 
Thank you to all participating rescues for bringing awareness to the public. 
Thanks also to all our many sponsors for their generous donations. 
And I can't forget our great photographer Glenn Willcox 
whose talent captures the soul of animals.

The biggest thanks goes to all the animals who made the day what it was 
and their humans who brought them to be Blessed.