September 13, 2014
10:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. 
Fairy Lake Park 
Newmarket, ON


Guest participants are responsible for bringing anything required for their area including a tent.  Kindly indicate on the Guest Participant Contract if you will be setting up a tent. Table and chair rental can be arranged for a minimal charge. 

Unless prior arrangements are made it is understood guest participants will remain for the duration of the event

All booths are expected to have a trash receptacle and ensure that it is disposed of  before leaving the festival 

All items for sale/display are to be kept within your designated vendor area in a neat and orderly fashion

Some guest participants may have displays which require more space. We are willing to accommodate that requirement however product or signage outside of the allotted space must have prior approval of Blessfest management 

Those who are bringing animals must make sure they clean up after the animal. No exceptions

Blessfest is a family oriented event and nothing will be sold or put on display which may not suitable for children or may offend attendees. Should such items be exposed Blessfest reserves the right to request items be removed and the request must be adhered to immediately.  No graphic or upsetting displays allowed. 

Participating guests/rescues bringing merchandise to raise funds, must submit a list of items and have them approved by management prior to the event. Only merchandise which is branded and/or labelled with the organization name is acceptable. 

While guests are allowed to offer an opportunity for attendees to make donations, solicitation for donations must take place only within your area and in a non-aggressive manner

Blessfest reserves the right to refuse the sale of certain products at any time

No music or sound effects within booth area without prior approval of management 

No fireworks, weapons, liquor or illegal substances are allowed on the grounds

Subletting of space or use of the space not specifically authorized by Festival Management is strictly prohibited

All pets must be leashed, harnessed or appropriately caged or contained at all times while in Fairy Lake Park and must not be left unattended

Blessfest and the Town of Newmarket will not be held responsible for loss or breakage of any property nor personal injury which may be sustained while participating in the Festival. 

Blessfest is a rain or shine event. 

                               GENERAL GUIDELINES FOR SETTING UP 

Arrangements for participants bringing animals or displays which do not fit the normal criteria will be made on an individual basis. 

Participants may begin setting up at 8:00 a.m. The gates will be open at that time to allow your vehicle in to unload.

No vehicle will be allowed to enter the festival area after 9:00 a.m.  unless prior arrangements have been made

Upon arrival at the Water Street entrance of Fairy Lake Park  there will be a recognizable volunteer wearing a Blessfest shirt. Please check in with them when you arrive and they will direct you to your designated area to unload. 

Drive to your spot and unload your car. After unloading drive it to one of the adjacent parking lots then come back to set up. If you require a volunteer to oversee  your merchandise while you park, please let us know. We ask your co-operation to drive your car out of the area asap to help avoid congestion. Please be considerate and patient of each other. 

Cars can not be left parked on the grass area within Fairy Lake Park and must be parked in one of the official parking lots. 

All vehicles must be out of the festival area by 9:30 a.m.

Please have your display ready no later than at 9:45 a.m.