A wonderful day to pamper those non-human 
family members in a unique way 
The Blessing of Animals

St. Francis of Assissi is the Patron Saint of animals. 
St. Francis of Assissi began the Blessing of Animals in the 15th Century. As he walked the country side he would stop to bless farm animals 
It became something farmers looked forward to and the tradition was borne

In modern times one day a year is set aside in churches all over 
the world to carry on this tradition. Some countries still allow parishoners to bring their farm animals to be blessed in the church yard and yet some allow them to bring the animals inside the church

In the history of the Blessing of Animals there has never been an unpleasant incident with any of the many species of animals which were brought together for the event It's like they know why they are  there and are on their best behaviour

The Blessing is non-denominational  
A church affiliation is not necessary to have your pet blessed 
and everyone is welcome

This is fun and magical and every animal that gets blessed will receive a special gift.
See what a Blessing of Animals looks like on our Picture Page.

Pets must be registered prior to the show

You guessed it! This is free too

The animals are always entertaining to watch.  If you are an animal lover you will enjoy the day even if you don' t bring a pet 

*All dogs must be leashed, cats in carriers and other animals appropriately caged and contained while in the park 



The heart of Blessfest celebrate pets and animals who are so important to us and to raise public awareness about animal welfare in a fun and entertaining way. In addition to lots of free goodies, interactive games for animals, great vendors with unique merchandise and services, every year we invite animal organizations representing various species to participate at Blessfest.  

We give this opportunity to grass roots organizations who do not have financial backing from government and depend on donations and volunteers to continue with their mandate. There are many throughout the province that you probably never heard of. Primrose Donkey Sanctuary is a great example. Who knew there was a need for a donkey sanctuary in Ontario? Primrose, the namesake, delights people with her personality and she is our very first donkey to be blessed. 

It's a wonderful way for children to learn about animals.

Even if you do not participate in the Blessing, you will find lots to do and see and its all free.