What an incredible lineup we have this year which includes, not only our old friends but some new faces at Blessfest. We know you are going to 
be as excited about it as we are.

Blessfest is unlike any other pet event and we aim to keep it that way 
No same old, same old for us. Lots to see, lots to learn, lots to buy, lots to enjoy. Don't forget our vendors offer not only items for pets but also animal themed items for their humans. You could even start your Christmas shopping early.

Allow me to introduce you to our newest friends and reaquaint you with old friends

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We are thrilled to welcome the wonderful people from Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary to this year's Blessfest. Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary rescues everything from horses to pigs to goats and geese and puppies, many from puppy mills. They offer them a safe haven and make sure their medical needs are met. Many of the animals at Beaver Creek have become permanent residents due to severe health issues like Charlotte the pig and Nelly the goat. They also work to find loving homes for some of their lucky rescues. 

Come say hi to Amy and meet some of her menagerie including beautiful Splash. The blind pony who has become the ambassador for Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary. 

Amy and her team will be bringing some of their other animals as well including Herschel the piggy. That's a first for Blessfest and its really exciting. Picture a piggy wearing a halo! Like I said, no same old, same old for Blessfest!!!!

There is no doubt Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary will be a very popular addition to Blessfest. 
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We are so delighted to have author Marybeth Haines at Blessfest this year. Marybeth provides such an vital service for animal lovers and her book The Power of Pets is an important and effective tool every pet owner should have on hand. 

Marybeth will have her book available for sale and not only can you have it autographed but you can speak to her and address any issues you may have. She is a compelling speaker and a very compassionate person who has a mission to help those of us who have lost or may lose a beloved pet. It is a book everyone with a senior or a pet with medical issues should have. 

Learn about:
Our connection to animals and how they play an important role in our lives
Why grieving your pet is normal and natural
How to build a compassionate environment that supports you on your journey
The 5 stages of grief and how they work in our lives
The options available to you for healing and feeling better
How to take action and make things happen for healing to take place

Blessfest prides itself on including interesting, ethical, important and meaningful participants for all animal lovers. Marybeth personifies the magic of Blessfest and you will walk away from her feeling wonderful. She's just that kind of person and she makes everyone feel good.
Click to watch Marybeth with Ann Rohmr on Animal House Calls discussing the importance of her book The Power of Pets
PROCYON - pronounced PRO SEE YON is an incredible organization that saves and rehabilitates our wildlife. 

Their job is overwhelming because there are very few organizations equipped to deal with wildlife in Ontario. Everything from bunnies to bats and wolves to weasels come through their doors. They take them all in, fix them whenever possible and release them back into their habitat.  

It's difficult and sometimes heart breaking work but they have many happy tails to share as well.  Stop by to meet this great group of volunteers and learn about all they do. Ask them to tell you the story of Willow or one of their other success stories. 
Willow was brought into Procyon paralyzed and unable to walk because of an apparent spinal injury. Volunteers worked diligently to help Willow recover including taking turns every day wrapping her and carrying her outside for exercise.
You can imagine the tears of joy when one day they found Willow standing. 

The dedication and hard work by these wonderful people paid off. Willow is only one example of what these angels accomplish.
THE PROCYON MISSION: dedicated to working with our communities in an effort to help wild animals in need of care.  Our goals are to rescue, rehabilitate and safely release these animals, and to promote public appreciation for wildlife preservation.
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As if that isn't enough, you can meet up with some of our old friends who will be back to help make Blessfest the very special, unique and magical event it is

We are still in the preliminary stages of setting up for but all indications are this year is going to be bigger and better than ever


Deanna and the pilots from Pilots N Paws Canada
Kevin from Trackers Edge
Dr. Winslow our favorite 
Mobile Veterinarian
Lucie and the group from Paws in the Bath 
Primrose our favorite donkey 
The Good Guys Carting Dogs